Northside Yardsales

This morning we went to the Northside yardsales and bought some cool items. The kids each had their own spending money from grandparents and allowances. It was nice to see them weigh their options and really think about what they wanted to buy.

Blackburn knew from past years that somebody would be selling lemonade so he made sure to keep money for that. Sure enough towards the end he bought his lemonade! He also bought some cars, a football, coloring book and an airplane.

Isabella bought two books and a coloring book.

Vita bought a steel letter V for her room, a Barbie outfit, little pet shop figures, books, and a Rubik’s cube. Vita believes in spending all the money she has.

Ben bought a blanket and a cool piece of New Orleans art. I bought some pennants and a long wooden tea light holder for the dining room table.

This year was a success and despite the chance of rain the weather was wonderful.





Where’s the turkey?

Where’s the turkey?  This is what my kids asked this weekend.  Several years ago I bought a stuffed turkey at a local thrift shop and it is our main Thanksgiving decoration. It sits proudly on the dining room table, a symbol of Thanksgiving in the Savage household. Halloween decorations came down on Saturday and I dug through piles of “junk” in the hall closet until I found the turkey buried under stockings, ice skates and jolly st. nick ornaments.  Now November is officially here.  I’m glad the kids appreciate my thrifting powers, I feel justified in making this purchase so long ago.


What I Wore

Today I wore a skirt I found recently at the thrift store.  It was only three dollars and I got it hoping it would fit.  The length is a little shorter than I would normally wear.  I paired it with black tights, a black turtleneck and heels.  It was comfortable and added some color to my wardrobe.  Not to mention it was cheap!

Ignore my awkward pose, Ben took the picture for me.

skirt from silence + noise (via the thrift shop)

skirt from silence + noise (via the thrift shop)

This weekend…

This weekend in between soccer games and a quick visit to the hospital after a soccer injury, we squeezed in a visit to the thrift store. We went to see if we could find any Halloween decorations.  There were a few, but none that interested us too much.  My thrifting motto has always been that if interests me enough to pick up and carry through the store while negotiating three children through narrow aisles, packed with people and if I still have it in my hand by the time I reach the check out counter, it is worth purchasing.  This time around I found some pastel dishes (usually not my thing, but I really liked these), a Roseville pottery crock, a corn husk doll sealed in glass from Czechoslovakia and some books for the kids.  Ben found a couple of soccer jerseys and Blackburn snagged a Transformer car from the toy aisle.  I also found two skirts (which I will post a photo of at another time).

Ben and Vita made some gluten-free cinnamon rolls from scratch.  Each time they make them they get better and better. We spent Sunday night putting up some Halloween items, including putting Vita’s Frankenstein monster in the window and hanging up skeleton and ghost lights on the fireplace.

She is much better now.  She went down at the end of the game after scoring three goals back to back. She collided with another girl and hurt her leg.  At first we thought it was her knee because she could not walk so to be safe we took her straight to the hospital.  Turns out she has a very bad bruised muscle.  A very expensive bruise!

She is much better now. She went down at the end of the game after scoring three goals back to back. She collided with another girl and hurt her leg. At first we thought it was her knee because she couldn’t walk so to be safe we took her straight to the hospital. Turns out she has a very bad bruised muscle. A very expensive bruise!

photo 5-4photo 1-7

photo 3-6

photo 4-3





photo 3-4

photo 1-6


My Quiet Place

I am a firm believer that everyone needs their own quiet place to go to when things get hectic or when they need to process things.  I don’t think the kids have found their place yet, but they are working on it.  I have noticed Vita tends to wander to the backyard when she is feeling the need for alone time.  She looks at the sky and the trees, while she walks the path.  In this way she reminds me of my grandpa.  I remember him walking around his backyard when I was little, checking his garden and squirrel feeders.  I am hoping Isabella’s room will be private enough for her when she decides she wants peace from her siblings and Blackburn has been known to wonder into his room and build blocks quietly.  Ben is a front porch sitter.

For me, I go to the front room in our house, the green room is what we call it.  This room has always been my favorite.  It has been painted different shades of green since we bought the house ten years ago and is currently a smoky green that changes as the light hits it.  The fireplace has bright green tiles and it still has the original stain glass windows.  The house can be messy, but as long as this room is clean I can breathe easy.  No television, no bright lights just a nice relaxing space surrounded by books, board games and my favorite thrift sale finds.  It’s no secret that I like old things, things with history, books with names, dates and messages written on them that have been read and passed down through generations, quilts that were handmade and covered someone else’s bed on cold nights long ago, maps and globes that once spent their days in schoolrooms.  I believe everything has a story to tell if you just stop and take the time to listen.  Along with the old we have added new touches to this room.  These items remind me to savor the present as much as I do the past.  Items my children make or find or gather for our home.  They know how special this space is to me and they take joy in finding new things to add to the room.  Others may see clutter, dust or even junk, but not me, I see an accumulation of ten years of happiness.

Below are some pictures of my favorite space:

The map was a gift from Ben’s Grandma DeGarmo.  The stove was used as a display at Whole Foods before Ben brought it home.  The shutter was in the attic when we bought the house and we were told it was original to the house.

The desk was a free street find, so were the pictures of maps above it.  The basket and blocks were purchased at the Northside Yard Sale a couple of years ago.  Vita’s cat, Georgie, likes to sit on the desk and look outside when the curtains are open.  She is posing for the camera here.  The paper chains were made one Friday night with the kids – we are crazy partiers!

We found this IronWorks Gate when we moved in and it holds past Fasching masks the kids made for school.  The gate is extremely heavy.

We purchased the bookcase at Ikea.  I keep all my older books along the top.  The book in the top right corner with the spine torn is Edgar Allen Poe’s poems and inside is a petal of each flower Ben has bought or found and given to me since we began dating.  Next to the flower I wrote what the occasion was or the date.  I am not a romantic person but I am glad I have kept this tradition going.   The big basket holds all of my yarn. The couch and pillows are from Ikea.  The old mailbox on the wall covers our thermostat.  I despised seeing it and the mailbox allows us to hide it, yet still adjust the temperature when needed.  

The owl was a gift from Ben, along with the small painting on the left.  The clock was one of the first antique items I purchased.  When wound, it drives everyone crazy.  It ticks like the clock in the crocodile’s belly that chases Captain Hook.  I am pleased to say the alarm works on it too.  The book was made by Isabella.  She also made the picture on the top shelf – it’s me.  The skull is a candle, because every room needs a skull candle.

The kids play these blocks a lot when I sit and knit or read.  Its a nice way of spending time together, yet still doing your own thing.  The skateboard was my first skateboard and Ben taught me to ride on it back in 1999.


Saturday morning we went to the annual Northside Yard Sale and found some good books for the girls.  I was happy to find Little House on the Prairie.  Isabella found the Baby-Sitters Club Karen’s Movie Star, 2 copies of Junie B., First Grader, Toothless Wonder (Isabella and Vita are going to read these together), Junie B., First Grader Shipwrecked, Soccer Is Our Game, and The Great Banana Cookbook for Boys and Girls, by Eva Moore.

This is the first recipe we will try.

At one of the sales Isabella was gifted with a free denim purse.

We have looked for information on this denim bag but we cannot find it online.  It has the word Lautour in cursive on the diamond.  Isabella is going to carry her paints and paintbrushes in it.

Vita bought a sparkly pink wrist bag for a quarter.

Blackburn got a free wooden car and army men.  He also bought four miniature skateboards for a dollar from a little boy.  I bought this picture for a $1.oo and will show you it as soon as I get it hung up.