What I Wore

Today I wore a skirt I found recently at the thrift store.  It was only three dollars and I got it hoping it would fit.  The length is a little shorter than I would normally wear.  I paired it with black tights, a black turtleneck and heels.  It was comfortable and added some color to my wardrobe.  Not to mention it was cheap!

Ignore my awkward pose, Ben took the picture for me.

skirt from silence + noise (via the thrift shop)

skirt from silence + noise (via the thrift shop)

Cincinnati Music Hall Field Trip

Today the girls classes took a trip to the Cincinnati Music Hall for a strings concert. This called for a special occasion dress. Here is what they wore:

Vita’s dress, cat shoes and sweater are from H&M and her necklaces are from Justice. (I tried to talk her into just wearing one, but I failed.) Isabella’s dress is from Macy’s and her sweater is from H&M. You can’t tell but she has kitten heels on and that is always her favorite part.

They were shown violins, violas, the bass and cello. They had so much fun and can’t wait to go back. I have been to the music hall a couple of times and it is beautiful inside. I am a sucker for old buildings, if you get a chance to visit take it.


Just sharing some random photos today:

This picture was taken Saturday before I got my hair trimmed and some wispy bangs added.

Blackburn was proud of his building and wanted me to take a picture. He said this is the building that I work in.

After the blocks, he showed me where he put the musical ornament he picked from the christmas box for his room.

Isabella requested a picture of the outfit she wore to school today. Boots and skirt are from Justice, leggings are from Old Navy and the tank top, sparkly headband and knitted sweater are from Target.

Remember the pumpkin cake I mentioned? This was the last piece…


As I was leaving the office at 5:00 today the storm rolled in.  Winds, rain, thunder and fierce lightening erupted downtown.  We headed to the Corryville library to pick up some movies and books for the night.  Blackburn picked out a pop-up book titled The Chameleon and the Dragonfly, written by Lorena Eliasen.  It is a cute, short story about a wish that gives Pepe the chameleon the power to change his coloring.  Isabella checked out the book My Name Is Not Isabella, by Jennifer Fosberry.  In this story a little girl named Isabella takes on the names and personas of well-known women throughout history.  Vita could not decide on a book so I grabbed one for her called  The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum, by Kate Bernheimer.  I am guilty of judging a book by its cover.  I picked this book because of the illustrations.  The illustrator is Nicoletta Ceccoli.  I love the pictures in this book.  The story is about a girl who lives in a castle in a museum and how she watches the children who visit.    For myself I found the book Grow Cook Eat, by Willi Galloway.  I am getting serious about the garden next year and am going to start planning now.  We have a small backyard, with limited sunlight.  I am going to try all raised beds and this book has lots of tips on which vegetables to direct-sow and which ones to plant as seedlings.  I also want to learn more about succession planting.  I plan on keeping this book checked out for a while and taking notes.

Library books

I love this picture where she is sleeping with the flowers growing around the path.

I love how the children are peering into the globe containing the castle.

My favorite picture of the book is of the moon with tiny stars twinkling in the background.

I hope to get some good tips from this book.

On a completely unrelated note, I bought this new dress at Target  a couple of weeks ago and wore it for the first time to work today.  I put a black cardigan with it in order to cover up my tattoos.  I always have some sort of cardigan on at work.  The elastic at the waist was a little tight so I made a small notch on the inside to loosen it and now it fits perfectly.