Cookbooks – a beginning

I am not a very adventurous cook, in fact, calling myself a cook at all is a stretch.  Ben does most, if not all, of the cooking.  For awhile I was baking breads and desserts regularly, then the girls were diagnosed with celiac and that kind of all fell apart.  Fast forward five years and now I am ready to get back into the thick of things.  Five years is a long time…it shouldn’t have taken that long for me to feel the urge, but it did.  It started with a cookbook I saw for sale on instagram.  I follow @presleypigs and she sells vintage items, many of which are books.  I have purchased a couple children’s books from her and saw the Gourmets Guide to New Orleans cookbook listed awhile back.  I picked it up and read it from beginning to end.  It has recipes from several famous New Orleans establishments including Brennan’s – which Ben and I both have fond memories of visiting.  Some of the recipes I will never make, some caused Blackburn to gross out just by reading – turtle soup – but some I will attempt to make.





That being said, my interest in cooking and baking has returned.  Today I saw another vintage cookbook – The Household Searchlight Recipe Book from 1941 – posted for sale and debated about it all day while at work.  This cookbook seemed to have a lot of information and goes back to the roots of cooking and preserving at home.  When I got home and saw it was still up for grabs I jumped at the chance to own.  As soon as it arrives I will share some of the recipes.  My attempts at making these recipes gluten-free could be scary, messy and plain painful, but I am ready to try.

If anyone has any cookbooks or single recipes, vintage or current, that they recommend let me know.


I had to work late so Ben took the kids to Krohn Conservatory. We love this place.  I hate missing out but I am glad they were able to visit today.


photoBack at home Ben made cupcakes for Isabella’s class. Her birthday is Sunday and she wanted to bring in a treat for school. Chocolate, gluten-free cupcakes with chocolate icing. They look really good!

photo 4


This year the girls decided to use the valentines from Inside a Black Apple. I love these images. We downloaded them and they added cute little notes to the back for their classmates.  She has updated ones you can download, but I still like these older ones.  Here’s a link


This weekend…

This past weekend was a quiet, stay at home weekend, other than an early morning soccer game on Saturday morning, I didn’t leave the house.

I worked on Vita’s 100th day project with her.  We cut out 100 different sizes/colors of hearts and glued them to a poster board which she took to school yesterday while dressed as her version of a 100-year-old woman.

Isabella joined her school’s Art Club a couple of months ago and loves it.  They meet every Friday morning before school.  She finally came home with a finished project to show us.  It is a watercolor painting that shows buildings with their reflections.  I love it and need to get it framed.


The girls wanted to cook dinner Sunday night so they got up early and went to the store with Ben.  They decided to make brisket, once home they cut up veggies and added broth and by dinner time the house smelled so good.  They were quite proud of their meal.   Ben being the only vegetarian in the house opted for collard greens with butter.




All in all it was a relaxing weekend.


Last Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving at home, just the five us. Ben cooked an excellent dinner that we all agreed was his best yet.  There are so many things for us to be grateful for this year, but mostly I am thankful for stability.  Stable jobs, a home, health insurance, family for support, healthy children and the ability to compromise and work through any obstacles that present themselves.  Having that stability makes all the difference.


Book No. 2 for the December book marathon was chosen by Vita.  For those of you who know her this choice will come as no surprise.  If you ever need a Barbie, Fairy or Strawberry Shortcake book, Vita will have it.  Although I’m not a huge fan of Barbie, this is the classic Nutcracker tale.  All of us agree that the best part of this book is the illustrations by Robert Sauber.  The colors in this book are very rich and vivid.



I think this Christmas might be a good time to try to squeeze in a trip to see The Nutcracker.  The last time we went Blackburn was just a baby and he slept through the performance.