Northside Yardsales

This morning we went to the Northside yardsales and bought some cool items. The kids each had their own spending money from grandparents and allowances. It was nice to see them weigh their options and really think about what they wanted to buy.

Blackburn knew from past years that somebody would be selling lemonade so he made sure to keep money for that. Sure enough towards the end he bought his lemonade! He also bought some cars, a football, coloring book and an airplane.

Isabella bought two books and a coloring book.

Vita bought a steel letter V for her room, a Barbie outfit, little pet shop figures, books, and a Rubik’s cube. Vita believes in spending all the money she has.

Ben bought a blanket and a cool piece of New Orleans art. I bought some pennants and a long wooden tea light holder for the dining room table.

This year was a success and despite the chance of rain the weather was wonderful.





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