Cookbooks – a beginning

I am not a very adventurous cook, in fact, calling myself a cook at all is a stretch.  Ben does most, if not all, of the cooking.  For awhile I was baking breads and desserts regularly, then the girls were diagnosed with celiac and that kind of all fell apart.  Fast forward five years and now I am ready to get back into the thick of things.  Five years is a long time…it shouldn’t have taken that long for me to feel the urge, but it did.  It started with a cookbook I saw for sale on instagram.  I follow @presleypigs and she sells vintage items, many of which are books.  I have purchased a couple children’s books from her and saw the Gourmets Guide to New Orleans cookbook listed awhile back.  I picked it up and read it from beginning to end.  It has recipes from several famous New Orleans establishments including Brennan’s – which Ben and I both have fond memories of visiting.  Some of the recipes I will never make, some caused Blackburn to gross out just by reading – turtle soup – but some I will attempt to make.





That being said, my interest in cooking and baking has returned.  Today I saw another vintage cookbook – The Household Searchlight Recipe Book from 1941 – posted for sale and debated about it all day while at work.  This cookbook seemed to have a lot of information and goes back to the roots of cooking and preserving at home.  When I got home and saw it was still up for grabs I jumped at the chance to own.  As soon as it arrives I will share some of the recipes.  My attempts at making these recipes gluten-free could be scary, messy and plain painful, but I am ready to try.

If anyone has any cookbooks or single recipes, vintage or current, that they recommend let me know.

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