A lesson

Last Sunday we spent some time with my dad taking a gun safety crash course. When I was little I remember watching him clean his guns and get ready for the hunting season. He always kept them locked up in a liberty safe in our family room. I was taught at a young age to respect firearms and I want my children to have that same respect.

So on Sunday my dad took each the kids aside and showed them how to handle a gun. We used a .22 and he started with the instructions to never touch unless mom and dad are present. Then he explained how you hold it and showed them the safety. After some additional instructions, he let them have a turn at target practice.

After they quickly lost interest, Ben and I took some turns. I learned that I shoot a little low and to the left of my target but towards the end of my turn I was able to hit where I was aiming. I learned to load the bullets in the clip and was taught how to clear out any jams. After shooting the .22 I tried a 9 mm and didn’t expect shooting it to be much different but I was wrong. It was much more powerful and I wasn’t comfortable with it. My dad assures me that with practice I could be.

Crime is a fact of life. I don’t want to be paranoid and expect the worst but crime, in particular armed robberies, in our neighborhood seem to be an every day occurrence. With Ben working nights I am here alone with the kids. I am confident that our dog is a deterrent but in the back of my mind I wonder if it is enough. So the discussion between Ben and I the past year or so has revolved around the purchase of a handgun and whether or not it has a place in our life and in our home.

We are closer to a decision but still sorting out details. Until then we plan on spending time shooting and learning more about different types of guns.




An extended birthday

Isabella’s birthday has turned into a two-week event.  The days before her birthday there were cupcakes at school, a special breakfast full of bacon and a special meal that she selected and made from a cookbook.  She made a tomato, basil and cheese (gluten-free, vegetarian) pasta bake and opened one of her gifts, a bacon candle!  Then on her actual birthday, Sunday the 16th, she wanted to go bowling at Stone Lanes in Norwood, where despite losing to Blackburn and Vita in two intense games she still had a lot of fun.  This past Saturday, there was a party back at her grandparents for all her family to attend.  The girls dressed up as princesses and the boys were super heroes.  There are so many cousins, so close in age that it is a party full of games, dancing and laughter whenever they all get together.  Here are some snapshots from these past two weeks.

photo 4

photo 2



photo 1-6

photo 2-4

photo 4-3

photo 3-2






Any ideas on how I can slow time down would be greatly appreciated.

A trip to the library

We went to the Corryville Library this morning to find a biography book for Vita’s class project.  She has to become the person and present a speech and use props then give a short report on their life.  We got a book called Stone Girl, Bone Girl: The Story of Mary Anning.  I must admit I had no clue who she was and am looking forward to learning more alongside Vita.



Blackburn grabbed a Star Wars graphic novel and Isabella picked a wrapped book.  After you check it out you get to unwrap and see what it is.  It ended up being The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, it may be a little advanced for her but I told her we would read it together and discuss each chapter.

Before leaving Ben snapped a picture of the Library’s ceiling, so beautiful.


Also, here is a picture of the kids’ Valentine’s Day card from my uncle.  Love the pop-up action!


The views from our windows have been filled with snow.





We are off to a late indoor soccer game.  Wish us luck!



I had to work late so Ben took the kids to Krohn Conservatory. We love this place.  I hate missing out but I am glad they were able to visit today.


photoBack at home Ben made cupcakes for Isabella’s class. Her birthday is Sunday and she wanted to bring in a treat for school. Chocolate, gluten-free cupcakes with chocolate icing. They look really good!

photo 4


This year the girls decided to use the valentines from Inside a Black Apple. I love these images. We downloaded them and they added cute little notes to the back for their classmates.  She has updated ones you can download, but I still like these older ones.  Here’s a link  http://theblackapple.typepad.com/inside_a_black_apple/2009/02/je-taime-again.html


This weekend…

This past weekend was a quiet, stay at home weekend, other than an early morning soccer game on Saturday morning, I didn’t leave the house.

I worked on Vita’s 100th day project with her.  We cut out 100 different sizes/colors of hearts and glued them to a poster board which she took to school yesterday while dressed as her version of a 100-year-old woman.

Isabella joined her school’s Art Club a couple of months ago and loves it.  They meet every Friday morning before school.  She finally came home with a finished project to show us.  It is a watercolor painting that shows buildings with their reflections.  I love it and need to get it framed.


The girls wanted to cook dinner Sunday night so they got up early and went to the store with Ben.  They decided to make brisket, once home they cut up veggies and added broth and by dinner time the house smelled so good.  They were quite proud of their meal.   Ben being the only vegetarian in the house opted for collard greens with butter.




All in all it was a relaxing weekend.