Relaxing… new meaning

My idea of relaxing usually involves a calm, quiet place.

After dinner, my evening consisted of helping the girls with homework in German, spelling, math and then studying for a science quiz about soil with Isabella.  With the long christmas break, followed by snow days and holidays, the kids’ sleep schedules are out of whack.  In order to help them fall asleep, I have been running warm baths with essential oils.  I light a candle, turn off the lights and have them breathe deeply and try to relax in the water.  Immediately after the bath, I tuck them in for (hopefully) the night.  So far, this seems to help ease them into sleeping.

Tonight, after their baths, I waited for the hot water to return so I could take my own calm, quiet, relaxing bath.  When it was finally time, I filled the tub with scalding hot water and slipped in with candlelight casting shadows on the bathroom wall.  Then I heard it, the sound of feet hitting the floor, the bathroom door opened and cold air flowed in.  Just like that, poof, the candle was blown out and Blackburn flipped on the light.  He said he just had to go to the bathroom.  I talked to him through the shower curtain, knowing my moment of relaxation had just passed.  I sighed as he exited long enough to grab his remote control, monster truck and then he returned back into the bathroom.  He showed me one cool trick after another and then I asked him about his day today at preschool.  Such a simple question.  He began to tell me about the new things they have in the muscle room, the fact that the teachers said it was too cold to play outside (he did not agree), he told me about his grapes that he had for snack and that he was getting better at writing his name (again he exited long enough to grab paper and a marker so he could show me) and he was correct, he is getting better.  He showed me how he can make a star and how he makes mountains now (better than most in his class, he told me).  As I listened I felt my body relax, the pain that had started earlier in my neck slowly faded away.  I was completely and totally relaxed.  He talked and I listened.  As my fingers became wrinkly and the water grew cold, I told him I was going to get out, to which he told me he needed to get to bed anyway.

I’m so glad he blew out that candle – turns out I didn’t need quiet after all.


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