I wonder…

The middle one is at a sleepover tonight.  She packed all her essential toys and after searching through her overnight bag full of dolls, bracelets, art supplies and snacks I had to remind her to pack a change of clothes.  We will pick her up in the morning.  Both of the kids mentioned that they missed her.  The house is quiet now and all are asleep.  I wonder if she is still awake (she’s my night owl), I wonder if she had fun, I wonder if they have left a night-light on for her (she doesn’t sleep well in the dark).  I can’t wait to ask her how it went and what they did.  She will probably be too tired and maybe even a little grumpy in the morning to talk.  Georgie misses her, she has stayed in her room all day.  I miss her.


2 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. I used to worry when my daughter went to sleepovers, a little less with my son. I wonder why? She always had a great time, I think it’s because the house felt like someone was missing 🙂

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