School Projects

Isabella had a project to write some thoughts about who she is.  Below is her report…

photo 4My two favorite lines: I believe in school and I dream I can fly.

Vita’s book project was a non-fiction informational book.  She picked Crystals and Gems.  It was out of her normal reading ability, but we powered through and explained a lot of big words.  Her project was to make an accordion book with cover page, ten fact pages and a summary telling what she learned.  She learned that crystals are in a lot of unexpected items and she decided that her favorite use for crystals was as jewelry.

photo 3 photo 2-2Not to be left out on the project making, Blackburn made a robot.  The plastic forks are ears.  Tell me again why I buy christmas gifts when household “trash” would make him happy.

photo 1-2

Jingle Bell Run

On Saturday morning Ben and the girls ran the 5K Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis.  Despite a cold and rainy run they had a lot of fun and managed to run a great race.  This was the girls’ first 5K race.  Vita Rose’s time was 32:25 and Isabella’s was 37:17.  I was so proud of them.  They ran at their own pace and ran individual races.  Unfortunately I missed the photo of Isabella crossing the finish line.  I snapped the photo and my screen said media card full.  I was furious!  I usually always delete the photos from the card after I back them up on the computer, turns out I grabbed a really old card and it was pretty full.  I am hoping that once the race day photos are available I can order one of Isabella.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIsabella said she would run this race next year.  Vita prefers warmer races and has to think about running this one again!  Thanks to grandma and grandpa for coming down and supporting the girls in their race, for bringing the awesome elf hats (which Blackburn is still wearing out in public) and for treating us to lunch at Maggiano’s Little Italy after the race.

This week…

On Monday we met with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s ADHD Center.  The visit was just for Ben and I and I think it went well.  We received more information and we set up an appointment for Isabella next week. This is just to confirm the diagnosis and weigh all of our options going forward.

I received this lovely Rookwood Pottery ornament at work.  The Cardinal is my favorite bird.

photo-1I finished one of the small scarves I was working on, now its time to start the other.  I knit late at night while watching movies.  I watched the new Fast and Furious 6 while making the last one.

The rest of this week has consisted of us trying to stay warm.  Despite the freezing temps the kids have managed to squeeze in time outside before dinner every night.  They have become experts at making snowballs in the dark.  We received our heat bill for the month today and I am still cringing.  We had to move the thermostat from its usual position of 65 to 70 in order for the house to feel remotely warm.  I may have to have everyone add another layer and turn that puppy back down.

I had this amazing brownie at work yesterday…just wanted to share.


This weekend the girls will run the 5k Jingle Bell Run.  The forecast is calling for rain, snow and frigid temperatures.  They don’t seem intimidated by the weather, after all they have jingle bells and elf hats to wear.


Quick knits

I am excited to be knitting scarves for two little girls. I made my friend’s oldest daughter a scarf a couple of years ago for her birthday and recently saw her wearing it. It made me so happy to know it was keeping her warm while she was sledding. I spoke with my friend and offered to make them new scarves before Christmas. The oldest requested red, green and purple and the other little one requested pinks and blues. I started one tonight and hope to finish soon. My kids have now informed me that they want new scarves too. I see lots of colorful yarn in my future.



and the ground was finally white…

Yesterday afternoon a shift in the air finally took place and snow began to fall.  I watched excitedly from my office window.  The kids were home with Ben, off for a snow day.  They didn’t believe me at first when I said there was no school.  Looking out the window they saw only rain, not a flake of snow in sight.  Since the storm was supposed to start mid day schools were extra cautious and cancelled instead of dealing with an early release.  At about 1:00 flakes slowly started falling and before long they were sticking to the sidewalks and rooftops. Layer after layer of white began to cover the ground, everything looks clean covered in a fresh blanket of snow.  Our office closed early and once home I snapped some pictures of the kids in the backyard.

Today, as I type this, I hear the dripping of the icicles as the warmth of the sun shines through the window.     Tomorrow we are expected to receive some freezing rain (a part of winter I could do without).  On the agenda for the rest of today is grocery shopping.  I was told the renovated Kroger not far from us has a lot of gluten-free options.  A quick swing by there to see what they have and then on to Whole Foods. I may try to squeeze in a trip to the yarn store.  I have two scarves to make before Christmas.  I hope you enjoy your Saturday.







photo 4