A Solo Adventure

Last Sunday found me flying across country for work at the drop of a hat.  I found out Friday night that I was needed at a hearing on Monday morning.   After arranging for Ben’s mom to come down and stay with the kids sunday night, the nerves began to set in.  I love traveling, but I have never traveled by myself.  I am directionally challenged and am never “in charge” of getting us to our destination, I am usually just along for the ride.  Having to travel solo was a great thing for me, of course at the time, I was anxious and sick to my stomach, but I can look back now and say I am glad I did it.  From Cincinnati to Atlanta, then on to Santa Anna, CA.  A brief hotel stay where I face timed with the kids, a Monday spent in District Court, then onto Salt Lake City and finally home to Cincinnati.  I learned that I am perfectly capable of handling things on my own.  I can make the connecting flights (even if I have to run through security and walk right on the plane), I can order room service, take a cab and manage to not get lost in the airport terminals.  I was very independent when I lived at my parents and I started working while in high school and even when I moved out at 18 I feel I was still self-sufficient, but somewhere after that things changed.  Ben and I have always been together.  Married young, having one vehicle up until this past year, I slowly stopped driving, stopped worrying about logistics.  Working full-time during the day, I wasn’t tasked with meeting a lot of new people or going to the kid’s school events.  I can’t remember the last time I had gone anywhere just me, all alone.  I missed Ben and the kids, I wasn’t gone long, but I think I found a small piece of myself that I might have left behind.  I can’t help but be proud, for me it was a big deal.

I didn’t really get to see any sights, but here are some quick iPhone photos I snapped along the way:

photo 4-2

photo 1-2

View from the balcony of the hotel room.

photo 1-4Probably the largest bed I have ever slept in.


Room service – pizza and soda in a fancy glass

photo 5-3

Vita made this picture of us and put it in my empty compact.

photo 3-3

Hotel pool lit up at night.

photo 1-3

Bathroom selfie, on my way to court

photo 3-1

Santa Anna, CA

photo 5-1

photo 4-1

photo 1

Salt Lake City, Utah…wish I would have been able to have left the airport and explore.  I think I would like it here.

photo 2Kids having a late night and waiting for me.

3 thoughts on “A Solo Adventure

  1. I knew you would be fine! Isn’t it interesting how marriage and motherhood change us and we let skills go dormant. I love the little drawing in the compact. I be they missed you 🙂

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