Green Thumb…fingers crossed

I planted some stuff today.  I’m a 50/50 gardener.  I start out with grand plans and then at some point just forget to water and eventually I am left with a stick (I can’t keep orchids alive) or a brown plant in a pretty planter.  Lowes had some plants on sale so I picked up a few.  I love buying all types of flowers and ignoring the directions which causes Ben to frown and give me an “I told you so” look when they die.  This time I reigned in my desire to purchase plants that needed full sun.  We get shade, a lot of shade…so I bought some ferns, some Scottish moss and coleus plants and put them in planters on the front porch.  I also bought a violet for fifty cents, a banana pepper plant and bee balm (which does like sun and I will find it some even if I have to cut down the neighbor’s almost dead tree).  I bought two inside houseplants also.

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