Where’s the Snow…

It is so cold here and I don’t mind the cold when there is snow but we have NONE.  Once in a while I see flakes fall and I start to get excited and then it stops and I wonder if I am imagining things.  By the way, have I mentioned how much Blackburn despises the snow…he HATES it with a passion usually reserved for broccoli or green beans.  He gets bundled up and cries to the car and when we get home he cries until he gets in the house.  Heaven forbid if we don’t get to park near our house and end up walking a block or two.  He just stops and cries until you carry him.  If it’s snowing it seems to distract him enough from the chill and he is fine, but these cold snowless days are killing him.

Some random updates:

Super busy at work as we get ready for trial next week.

Isabella has started math tutoring on Thursday mornings before school.

Vita is having a friend and Isabella is having three friends spend the night this Saturday.  They are calling it “Ladies Night”.

We are painting the bathroom, hope to show pictures soon.

Have lots of school projects due soon for the kids.  Need to read Isabella’s chapter book for the month (she gets assigned a theme each month to do a project on- this month the theme is science fiction).  Once she is done reading and ready to start her project I read the book so I can help and make sure she had really read and understood it.  This book is about time travel, robots and lasers…not necessarily what I want to read right now.

Off to make a gluten-free version of dirt cake.  Will let you know how it turns out.



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