Blackburn’s Field trip

Blackburn took his first “real” field trip with his preschool class today.  I say “real” because this one was not in walking distance to the campus.  They took a bus to Whole Foods Market where they did a fruit study.  Each child was in charge of finding a specific fruit.  Blackburn was tasked with finding raspberries.  Ben met the class there and stayed for most of the tour.  Of course, most of the employees are familiar with Blackburn since Ben works there. We do most of our grocery shopping here.  With Ben’s employee discount and the girls’ celiac disease it makes sense for us.  His discount makes the prices comparable to other stores. Besides the produce department, the kids also went to the seafood department and were shown the back room.  Ben took a couple of pictures with his phone while the class was there.

Taste testing juices.

Checking out the fish.

Looking down the mouth.

Blackburn had a lot of fun and I survived his first bus ride.

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