O Tannenbaum

One of our holiday traditions is to cut down a christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  We go to the Big Tree Plantation in Morrow, Ohio.  It’s about 40 minutes north from our home.  We started going there when Ben coached for Moeller High School’s wrestling team and have continued for about ten years now.  The farm is owned by a Moeller family and all tips go to the Moeller lacrosse team (the boys help trim, wrap and load the trees onto your cars.) We go to the “cut your own” section and look for a large tree.  Our ceilings are ten feet tall and Ben usually gets one that grazes the ceiling.  This year we got a smaller, eight foot tree.  We spent the evening decorating while snacking on chocolate chip cookies that Vita Rose baked and listening to christmas carols. There was only one ornament casualty.  There is something special about sitting in the dark surrounded by christmas lights.  For one small moment in time the three of them were all hushed in awe of the beauty, then the chaos resumed.  Now all we need is snow.  Cities to the north of us received a light dusting but we are still wishing for our turn.

On the hunt for the perfect tree.

The weather was in the 40’s, sunny and super windy out.

Vita’s excellent gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

The lights go on first.

Ben usually handles the lights

Next is the ornaments. We don’t really have a theme or a color combination. Ben’s aunt Mickey has bought me these old fashion glass ornaments every year for the past 12 years. We have a great collection going.

Some branches ended up with more than one ornament.

I was in charge of the branches up high.

Not too shabby

We hung up our stockings and decorated the mantel.

Every home needs a hockey playing Santa.

When do you get your Christmas tree?  Do you get a live one or artificial one? I love the smell of pine and have always had a live one. I wouldn’t mind getting brightly colored,table-top artificial trees for each of the kids’ rooms.  Maybe I will pick some up after christmas when they all go on sale.  It’s beginning to feel like the holidays more and more.

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