Giving thanks

This year Thanksgiving was very low-key at our house.  Just the five of us. We didn’t leave the house at all.  We slept in, prepared the meal, and relaxed afterwards.  It was perfect.  Here are some snapshots of our day.

The turkey was buttered, surrounded by carrots and red potatoes and then slid into the oven.

We just get a turkey breast because we like white meat. Benjamin is a vegetarian so it’s just us eating the bird.

Ben made some gluten-free stuffing. Isabella was a big fan.

There was also mashed potatoes, corn, vegetarian harvest roast and gravy. Plus this awesome store-bought, gluten-free apple pie. This was really good.

The days leading up to Thanksgiving showed long lines at the local food pantry.  We would pass by on the way to my work and see the lines wrapped around the buildings.  The elderly, the young, mothers with kids, fathers with kids, all races…the kids were shocked about the number of people waiting for food.  Sometimes it is easy to forget how fortunate we are.   I am thankful for so much. Family, friends, healthy children, food, jobs, a home. Wishing everyone the best for the upcoming holiday season.

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