This weekend

This weekend Isabella went to her first sleepover and had a blast.  It was set for last Sunday but was cancelled at the last-minute because her friend was ill. Friday night was the rescheduled event…in Isabella’s words it was AMAZING!!!  The girls watched the movie Cats & Dogs, roasted marshmallows, fed ducks, danced, stayed up late and got up really early.  While Bella was with her friends, the rest of us went to Yogurt Vi and then home to watch Brave.  We did not have a soccer game on Saturday so Ben and I worked around the house while our kids and the neighbor kids played.  Sunday was a nice, relaxing day where we all just lounged around.

Yogurt Vi in Uptown Clifton.

The girls had a field trip to the symphony on Friday and wore fancy dresses. Both are from Target.

Ben got a bunch of fake mustaches from a quarter machine. I love the fact that Blackburn takes his poses so seriously.

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