Pigeon Roost Farm

On Sunday we met up with family and went to the Pigeon Roost Farm in Hebron, Ohio.  It is always a good time when our kids meet up with their cousins – add in pumpkins, mazes and grandparents and the kids had a blast.

So many different types of pumpkins.

These cutouts were scattered around and a lot of fun.  We toured all the shops and the barn area, plus did face paintings, before meeting up with family in the kids’ play area.

He was a lion.

Isabella got a witch.

Vita got a rainbow and butterfly on her cheek.  She did not have time to stop for a picture, she had a maze to conquer with one of her cousins.

Ben and his aunt trying to stay warm and dry.

Ben’s mom and I huddled to stay warm.

Next we headed to the Enchanted Forest…

After they endured a couple of attempts at a group picture they ran off for the tire swings.

There were so many slides, tunnels, wheels and swings. The kids never got tired or bored.

Eventually we headed back to the entrance and picked out some pumpkins.

Despite a chill in the air and a light drizzle at times, everyone had a great time.

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