Unexpected gifts

One of our lovely, older neighbors is trying to downsize.  She is cleaning out items and gave some recently to the kids.  Blackburn was gifted with a seal, dog and snake beanie baby and an awesome green frisbee that he will not put down.  She gave Isabella a poetry book, a bear beanie baby and a pillow with a heart made of roses.  Vita got a baby doll with its own chair.

Vita’s doll. A little creepy, but she loves it.

Isabella’s book

Isabella has not read this far yet, but this is my favorite poem – “Mountains”

I loved Soulemama’s post this week about making her daughter a surprise studio for her birthday.  It got me thinking about sewing with little ones.  I guess in my mind, I thought the kids were too young to learn on a machine.  After reading her post, I realized they won’t know how to use the machine correctly or the supplies carefully unless I show them – no matter what their age may be.  So I plan on spending some time on Sunday with them and the sewing machine.  I was in 8th grade the first time I used one, it was for Home Ec class. What age did you first use a sewing machine?

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