Mellow Yellow

Noticing the color yellow a lot today.  Maybe because it was such a gloomy day the color stood out more.  I am usually not a fan of yellow, too bright and cheery and hard to get the right shade, but in small doses it is nice.

Lemons – Ben uses them daily. 

A pot holder passed down from my great-grandmother.

Crystals that Vita grew. We keep them on the nature table.

Desk lamp- it gets extremely hot when left on very long, not very practical.

It’s officially soccer season- first game this Saturday. Of course there are yellow soccer balls.

School journals and school pencils – a very familiar yellow sight.

Ok, so I know there is no yellow in the picture, in fact no color at all, but I couldn’t resist. I guess this is how we “chill” now at our house. Maybe it is all the sprinkling of bright yellow throughout the house that makes sunglasses a priority. Those are my old sunglasses and the pillow was made last Christmas by grandma.

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