This weekend…

This weekend we got some pumpkins, played two soccer games, built steps to the future playhouse and watched the moon rise above the city trees.

We got two regular sized pumpkins and two huge ones.

Chopped some more wood and had a bonfire.

Next up walls…

The girls and I relaxed on the playhouse floor and watched the moon rise.

Tonight we are looking forward to watching this:


Cincinnati Comic Expo

This was our second year attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo.  We started going last year as a late birthday present for Blackburn and will probably continue going.  The kids have a lot of fun and there are amazing artists there.  Ben and I picked up some art work, some pieces we were lucky enough to get signed.  The kids got some comic books and lots of little buttons, stickers and business cards (most of which the artists handed out for free).  Below are some pictures from the day.

Us with Batman

Grandma and kids getting in trouble

This made Ben’s day

The kids weren’t aware that these characters were this close.

They have a costume contest for best dressed character- this was the winner, she won $500.00


Bettlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Gotta love zombies

Grandma really loved the zombie!

Some of the kids buttons and Ben’s is the WWF one.

We are by no means comic book collectors or enthusiasts.  The great thing about this expo is getting to let the kids pick out comic books.  Prices range from free to very expensive.  We stay between the free and $2.oo range.  These are comics that are ok for kids to play with, read and enjoy without worrying about destroying rare collectors editions.

Free comics for the kids.

Free and $2.oo comic for the kids to enjoy.

I added these two to my very small collection which I started last year. I tend to a) go for cover art, that hot pink inner casket drew me in right away; b) stick to horror comics; and c) anything with Dracula or his brides

This is all Ben…not sure where we will put this one.

Artist – Aaron Lambert

Artist – Aaron Lambert

This was included in a group of three and we were able to get the artist to sign them while we were there – artist Mark Kidwell

2nd one – Mark Kidwell

3rd one – Mark Kidwell

This…this is why I went to the booth. This was my favorite piece at the expo. The Viking by Mark Kidwell.

If you get a chance to go next year I recommend checking it out.


I have two special books to share today. The first one is called The House at the end of Ladybug Lane written by Elise Primavera and illustrated by Valeria Docampo.  I love this sweet story about a little girl and her parents learning to live together with a little bit of magic.  The illustrations are beautiful.  The pink spider on the cover was what made me pick up the book at the store.  Here are some of my favorite pictures:

The second book is Extreme Animals by Steve Parker, illustrations by Stuart Martin.  The book was a birthday gift to Blackburn from grandma and grandpa.  It has all kinds of neat facts, hidden envelopes with flip books and a poster of venomous villains.  It is a great way to learn more about animals and insects.  Below is the cover and one of Blackburn’s favorite pages:


Bringing Summer Indoors

Cooler temperatures, jeans, jackets in the morning-there was a special nip in the air today.  This evening the girls came in from the backyard and requested scissors and a jar.  They meticulously cut every flower and pulled every ripe tomato from the vine.   I do believe they are rolling out the red carpet for Autumn.

A quick note:

We will have more celebrating of Blackburn’s birthday on Saturday.  Family will be in town and we will venture out to the Cincinnati Comic Book Convention.  We did this last year for his birthday and it was so much fun.  This evening he ate his own strawberry cupcake and ice cream bar while we serenaded Happy Birthday to him.

Four, cuatro, vier…

Our baby is four years old today…wait let me say that again…four years old.  I can’t believe it.  I knew it was happening, after all he has told everyone in the neighborhood for the past month that he was going to have a birthday soon, but still it somehow snuck up on me.  My brave, stubborn, daredevil has grown into a little boy.  A usually dirty, bruised, cape wearing (he is in to superheroes), ornery little boy.  Maybe it’s because he is our last child or maybe it’s because he is my only boy – or maybe it’s because he just started preschool last month…but this one has hit me hard.  At least he still asks for hugs and gives me kisses without saying yuck or making gagging noises.

Sew Good

We did very basic sewing today.  I showed the kids the parts of the sewing machine and we made one-sided square napkins.  Next time we will get into measuring, cutting and different colored thread.  Today I just used white so they could see all their stitches.

The kids had a lot of fun and they used their napkins for dinner.  The girls want to make more and use them for their school lunches.  We also made plans to make some scarves and draft snakes for the fireplaces and doorways. (Does anyone else still use these? With an old, drafty house we use these a lot.)  Isabella eventually wants to be able to make doll clothes and Vita wants to be able to make herself a dress.  I am a beginner sewer too, so it will be fun to learn with them as we go.

Saturday Snapshots

After an early morning soccer game (we are still undefeated!), we swung by the house and picked up Gio for some time at a local river.  After the river we spent the day in the backyard, collecting walnuts, roasting marshmallows, drawing and talking while enjoying the awesome weather.  Pictures from our day are below:

Watching tiny fish, collecting rocks and shells

Purse full of rocks

Ben found a baby frog

I saw quite a few of these bright blue dragonflies

Vita made a cairn

Hint of fall

River was really low. This is all usually under water.

If these did not bother Ben’s allergies – I would have cut a ton to take home.

They remind me of fireworks falling from the sky

I love the smell of a campfire.

Neville spent some time outside today

We sketched on river rocks

Vita sketched me

We were given some thyme for drying.

Can’t wait to get the seeds out of this beauty!

Tomorrow begins our adventure in sewing, fingers crossed it is painless.