Purple and pears

Ben started painting the floor in Isabella’s room last night.  After we tore up the carpet we saw that there was a small gap between the baseboard and the floor so we are going to purchase some unfinished trim and paint it white to cover the space and hopefully help keep out drafts this winter. (We have a lot of drafts-our house has been around since 1899 and has original trim, no insulation and some stained glass windows – so our heat bills are never pretty.) Here are some recent photos of Isabella’s room:

Getting ready for the first coat of paint

One coat done

Someone take the spray paint from me!

The next time I show you her room it will be done! The goal was to move her back in before school starts and it looks like we will meet our deadline.

For dinner time, we grilled out steak, pears and corn on the cob.

Pears for Ben – steak for us

We recently checked out “Mirror Mirror ” from the library and we really liked it.  I know it didn’t get the best reviews, but the kids laughed and I thought it was a cute movie.  A lot of times I find I like a movie based on the set design or the costumes and this one was no exception.  The kids especially like the dwarves outfits and the big bow on the back of Snow White’s dress.

See the big orange bow…

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