A quick note:

Tomorrow morning is the Fairview Summer Trail Run at French Park.  The 3K race starts at 10:00 am.  Here is a picture of Isabella from last year.  She placed third in the 12 and under girls category.

This is her accepting her 3rd place prize from the race coordinator.  A gift card to the Hofbräuhaus. 

Finding Rhythm

I am having a hard time adjusting to this new school year.  Having the “baby” start preschool has been an eye opener and I have a hard time believing he has grown so fast.  The girls haven’t had too much problems adjusting to earlier bed times.  The no television and no internet (unless for school projects) has been harder on them.  I have written about television before and the fact that there are weeks where the t.v. doesn’t get turned on, but when you make a no t.v. during the week rule the kids suddenly feel the urge to watch.  Homework each night has kept Isabella pretty busy, plus Wednesday night soccer practice takes a chunk of time.  Vita has not been given any homework yet so she has some time to kill between dinner, bath and bed.  Tonight she filled that time playing with the bunny and by dressing up like a super hero and saving her toys (by saving – I mean getting every single one out of the toy basket and spreading them through out her room).

My adjustment has been slow coming.  I like my late nights.  After everyone goes to bed, I kind of start my evening.  It’s a chance to read, knit, check out the internet and sometimes clean.  With the kids back in school I have to get up a little earlier than usual in order to get them ready.  The biggest change this year has been hair styling.  The girls both have opinions about what they want done with their hair.  Vita went so far as showing me on her Rapunzel doll exactly how she wanted her hair to be fixed for the day. I wear my hair the same way every day, coming up with new hairstyles has been challenging.  I may have to do some online searching and tutorials to keep up with their requests.  Another challenge for me is to not rush the kids through their evenings.  I feel like once I get home from work we eat dinner and then I am immediately starting homework with one, putting one in the shower and then getting the other one’s clothes ready for the next day…then switch…and switch again.

I am sure I will get the rhythm back soon, until then it is a little like an assembly line right now.  Here are a couple more pictures of the kids before school each morning:

A quick note:

No Sunday Song today.  After we finished dinner, had showers and picked out school clothes for tomorrow-we ran out of time.  I did want to tell you about a conversation Vita and I had when I was tucking her in for the night:

Vita: “Mom, our family is like a sandwich.”

Me: “A sandwich, what kind?”

Vita: “You and daddy are the bread that hugs us, Isabella is the peanut butter, Blackburn is the jelly and I am the turkey!”

Me: “Turkey???? We are having a peanut butter, jelly, turkey sandwich?”

Vita: “Yep, sounds good right!”

Me: “It sounds great…”

Sometimes they say the best things, I just hope I never have to eat this sandwich.

Back to School

Since I last posted the kids have went back to school.  Isabella started 2nd grade, Vita started 1st grade and Blackburn started preschool.  It was a fairly painless process.  Very few tears, lots of excitement and tons of paperwork.    Our fall soccer season also started up for the girls.  Ben coaches their Fairview team and our first practice was last night.  I will say the girls looked pretty good and they all seemed to have fun.  It’s neat seeing the girls talk about their day and be really nice and sweet to one another and then the whistle blows and they turn into fierce little competitors.  It is a healthy mix of sportsmanship and competitiveness.

The night before school the kids wanted a rose petal bath. We picked some from the rose-bush out back and sprinkled in their bath water.

I want to try to take a picture of the kids before school each day.

Who me? Yes you!

Outside the back entrance to Fairview.

I love this picture.

Blackburn goes to half-day preschool in the afternoon. We stopped for lunch along the way.

Ignore the grumpy face. I realized afterwards I had him staring into the sun.

New playscape area for the kids. You can crawl through the tunnel and there are little cut-outs to peak through. There is also a water feature for kids to play in.

He liked the fort area.

The first day got a thumbs-up by all of them!

11 years

Today Ben and I celebrated are 11th year of marriage.  The kids had plans to make us breakfast in bed.  There is nothing scarier than hearing your six, seven and three year old discuss the cooking of eggs and pancakes.  I hopped out of bed and got them cereal instead.  Ben’s parents came down and watched them so we could have lunch and see a movie.  We went to Dewey’s Pizza at Newport on the Levee and then saw “The Campaign”.  Food was good and movie was funny.  When we got home the kids had just finished up playing Savage Store.  Grandma and Grandpa gave the kids fake money and coins and allowed them to purchase items they had brought down with them.  Items like stickers, coloring books, wallets, change purses and their favorite candies.   The kids had a blast.  We have been trying to help Isabella get the concept of money and this is such a great way for her to learn it while having fun.  We plan on doing this again tomorrow.  Even better, the kids were tired and went to be early – before 9:00 pm.  So Ben and I decided to watch Hunger Games-what a great movie.  It was the perfect way to end a perfect day.


We had a lot of resistance when we first announced our engagement to friends and family.  At the time, I did not understand why everyone was so upset.  We had been dating for a couple of years and we had already moved in together.  I was 18 and Ben was 20 when we got married.  Now that I am grown and a parent, I see why people were worried.  At that age, your life is just starting.  You’ve finished high school and are deciding between college, military or job hunting.  I remember so many friends asking us if we were pregnant.  When we assured them that we were not, they always asked “then why are you getting married?”  I guess we never looked at it as us sacrificing anything.  We figured that if there was something that we wanted to do we would just do it together.   I think about our kids and what I would say if they come home at 18 and say they are engaged to be married.  Would I try to discourage them or would I go with the flow and hope for the best?  Although a lot of my feelings would depend on the partner they had chosen and how that person treats them, I would hope I would be open minded.  After all, a lot of people said Ben and I would not last, we were too young …yet here we are. 


Photo Booth – there is just something irresistible about a photo booth- don’t you think? Sorry so blurry- it is a picture of a picture